Tess Reith

Organic Grower and Plantswoman

Horticultural Mentoring Programme

Have you ever stared at your garden and wished you had a fairy sat on your shoulder whispering what to do in your ear? Well then my mentoring programme may be the solution for you, let me be that fairy. Gardens are hugely important but often overlooked spaces. It is a well known given fact that being outside in the fresh air is good for us, but the stress attached to not knowing what to do about the garden is not. Many of us think nothing of putting a lot of time and money into refurbishing a room in the house; a new kitchen or upgraded bathroom. Exactly the same approach could and should be applied to our gardens as they have the potential to be another ‘room’, albeit outside, and with my help that revived plot of home soil needn’t cost you the earth.

Through my Horticultural Mentoring Programme I aim to help you avoid gardening pitfalls, while allowing for the benefits to be reaped in full. I can guide and support you through your chosen task, enabling you to achieve specific goals. This is a year-round garden planning and management scheme intended to assist you with designing and creating beautiful beds, borders, balconies, lawns, shrubberies, orchards or containers. Whether you are a complete newbie or a fully fledged stalwart, I will be on-hand throughout the process, available to share my knowledge, experience, tips and ideas; answering questions, demystifying techniques and cultivating your own ability to make informed decisions involving your plot of ground, large or small.

This could be growing flowers, fruit or vegetables; choosing materials, sourcing suppliers or providing a planting plan; creating a raised bed, deciding on a colour scheme or what plant where; testing soil, creating wildlife habitats or seating areas; planting trees or a hedge; designing with children or pets in mind; managing an established plot or starting from scratch.